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CBD Dog Treats RxCBD



  • Yes it has been working. Thx!  A friend who has just received an order said the CBD is helping her sleep right away. I just gave my sister a bottle. She has Chrohns disease as well as rheumatoid arthritis and other pains. I'm hoping it can help relieve some of her pain. It sure helps my ulnar nerve pain!  D.H.

  • Thank you so much. Just received my order. I have been purchasing the cookies for my Mom who was recently diagnosed with cancer, has high blood pressure and COPD. These cookies are amazing she feels so relaxed when she has 1/2 a cookie in the am and then 1/2 in the pm before bedtime. Her blood pressure has always been high with these cookies her blood pressure has been normal. Your cookies are amazing. 

  • I am completely convinced that the CBD is what's causing my overall improved health.  It's been such a miraculous turn around!"  A.W.

  • I feel so much better when I eat your ginger cookies.  When I am out I feel like crap.  C.B.

  • I have 1/4 cookie before bed.  My blood pressure is down in the morning!   E.M.

  • Imagine my surprise to find you selling a new product that exactly matches my needs!  My son and I were at a MMJ shop today trying to buy CBD to assist him with anxiety.  They were unable to provide any without a medical marijuana card and it will take awhile to get.  In the mean time we were looking for a source of CBD and here you are!   T.W.

  • These cookies have changed my life.  They allowed me to get off all the medications I was on (and having awful side effects from).  I can participate in my daughters life again and be a mom!  A.W.

  •  My fibromyalgia is much better after just eating one cookie!  R l.

  • Stomach and muscle pain issues were GONE for the first time ever after just one cookie!"  J.B.

  • I am familiar with CBD products and have used them in the past.  This is the 1st food product I have tried.  A 5 mg dose relieved my insomnia and I have nick-named it the "sleep-good-cookie".  I am ordering more!   T.C. 

  • Tried just half of one cookie and it relaxed me to the point where I could sleep!  M.R.

  • I haven't slept well in months!  I slept the night through after 1/2 ginger cookie!  A.H.

  • The cookies seemed to remove the anxiety I have leading up to and trying to fall asleep.  My RLS symptoms felt less severe and I was able to drift into a relaxed sleep eventually.  I've been able to nap during the day... has been a HUGE relief both mentally and physically.  I am still working on refining the dosage I need for best results.    A.W.

  • The first 2 cookies dramatically reduced my leg activity at night, allowing me to sleep.  I am now starting to realize they are reducing my anticipation of nighttime RL symptoms, which might be part of the problem. I will keep using.   T.M.