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"I recently adopted a herding dog breed with bad anxiety problems from prior abuse.  I am trying to keep a holistic approach to her care.  She is calming down nicely in the afternoon with her RXCBD treats."   BK

Kahlua with dirt on her nose from the garden:

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"Gracie is my “kid”.  She has been with me for 13 yr.  She was barely able to move due to hip pain.   After 2 days on RxCBD extract, she is off her bed, running around, back to her old self.  I cried to see her feeling better."  JG

testimonials - dogs


"My dog, Bliss, has been taking your treats for his long term extreme anxiety.  Recently he got bit in the ear by a cat and it got infected.  I took him to my vet.  I had them look at your website to be sure the antibiotics would be ok with the CBD. My vet felt it was fine and couldn't believe that he had finally gained the weight that the prescription drugs hadn't done."  PR

  • "I have a 5 year old rescued foster dog, that had severe Anxiety – if you leave him alone for any amount of time he would bark loudly non stop. Since I have started him on 1/2 a cookie in the morning, we noticed a big change. You can come and go without the barking, he appears calmer. He goes out side and come in when called. No aggressive barking outside either. I love these cookies, so glad I found this product."   JP

  • "I will keep you posted on how Toto is doing.  (Toto has lymphoma)  He is hanging in there quite comfortably, thanks to the RxCBD extract.  I have increased him to twice a day with a mix of the little and big dog CBDs mixed together.   Half a dropper is making him much more comfortable at this time."  A.T.

  • "​I give these to Xiva for her storm anxiety and it does help.  I have tried doggie xanax, rescue remedy and thunder shirt.  This has been the best result in my opinion."  N.M.

  • "Casey, our 11 year old golden retriever, got the spring back in her step.  Wonderful!  Thank you."  C.L.

  •  "I have my Newfoundland totally off pharmaceuticals because of your treats."  C.I.

  • "Making a wonderful and noticeable difference in Rio.  Thanks.  You Rock!"  P.W.

  • "I wanted to thank you for the treats for Bagel and her anxiety.  We have noticed a slight drop in her anxious responses to things, in particular when we move to two treats per day."  C.L.

  • We have six dogs, ranging from a chihuahua to a German Shepard.  They love eating the treats as an evening snack.  It helps them to relax, not bark randomly, and get ready for bed.  They all gather around for their bedtime snack and always seem very happy the rest of the evening.  Great stuff!  5 star!, C.G.

  • Our border collie, Delta Dawn, was attacked by another dog. Her  2 back legs were hurt badly.   The vet said  one leg would have to be amputated. With CBD use (extract), her wound beds are healing very well now. She is not showing signs of constant pain. Delta Dawn is also extremely anxious.  With the tincture, she calms down nicely. She has definitely been eating better since starting the tincture. The CBD has literally saved her life.  Your product rocks!  I have been in clinical nutrition for 40+ yrs & an RN for the last 24 yrs.  You are 'among the best.' ...This note is a gushy thank you from the bottom of my fossilized heart.   In an ideal world, I will make sure as many as possible know about your company and life saving products."  MS


"My dog, Bliss, has been taking your treats for his long term extreme anxiety.  Recently he got bit in the ear by a cat and it got infected.  I took him to my vet.  I had them look at your website to be sure the antibiotics would be ok with the CBD. My vet felt it was fine and couldn't believe that he had finally gained the weight that the prescription drugs hadn't done."  PR

CBD Dog Treats RxCBD


"So my dog Oliver has hip dysplasia in both hips.  One being 90% gone and the other 50% gone.  In December the pain medication didn't seem to be really helping with the pain.  I really thought his time was coming to an end, as I am not one to let an animal suffer.  Nathan told me to try the CBD dog treats so I did.  I am here to tell you that they have helped him.  There are moments that he seems to be his old self.  I would highly recommend this for any dog that has arthritis." 

Daisy May

Daisy May is a 10+ year old corgi.
Her vet oncologist was amazed...  After taking CBD extract, her tumor has decreased so much, he can't believe it- it was a huge tumor- NO chemo. Daisy May is comfortable and happy.  W.D.



Tia was taking a CBD blend intended for humans which included an essential oil additive for flavoring. Initially, the seizures were controlled, but then re-started.   Once she began taking RxCBD’s extract for small dogs, this was the response:
Text mssg; “How is Tia doing?”
Answer: “Very good, no seizures ever.”  “She is such a good pet, still strong.”

"We rescued this little lady, Tralee...  About 2 years ago she began having seizures, infrequent at first, but gaining in length and duration as time went on.  After researching hemp products, we found your website and received our first order from you about 4 or 5 months ago. Since starting on your CBD Treats for Dogs, Tralee has had no seizures!  Not only that, she is an entirely different dog!  She's running and playing more, she's more alert, and she acts like she just generally feels better all over!  Thank you for bringing hemp to pets!"  J.B.




Here's the video of Noel!!

CBD oil has changed our lives!!!❤

Noel is acting "puppy wild"!  

We were at the dog park in the mountains yesterday - we had one of the best days of our lives- 

Noel jumped over a log!

She is a million time better!  - most amazing!  She is a lot more happy too.    M.J.


"Hello! Just giving you guys an update on the effectiveness of your treats this here is Tyson. He is a two year old bulldog who gets over excited and likes to play rough. Today after I gave him three treats he was calm, docile and relaxed! He also suffers from minor hip problems and seemed unbothered ! Thank you guys keep doing what you are doing ! " CG

  • "Making a wonderful and noticeable in difference in Rio. Thanks. You Rock!"   P.W. 

  • "You have pulled off a miracle for my dog.  She is in her elder years and was listless and loosing her appetite.  Daily treats have returned her to her original happy self.  She is also less stressed from thunder.  Other natural remedies did not help.  I tell every dog lover I know about your product."  C.G.

  • "They work WONDERS for Noah who is afraid of rainstorms...they really, really work!  Highly recommended!"  J.F.

  • "We gave these to one of our senior dogs that isn't doing well and not wanting to eat and he started running around like a puppy.  I originally bought them for my dog that is dying of cancer and I was able to lower the amount of pain meds I needed to give him.  I love these treats!  J.K.

  • "We've been watching Annie's progress.  With her two treats with dinner, she is now enjoying life again.  She is comfy now and that is all I want for her. " C.G.

  • "Gem melted into her bed last night and got the best sleep she has in months.  And this morning she was spunky and running around the house.   THANK YOU!"   T.L.

  • "I have an old, arthritic dog who has been ''on'' Carprofen/generic Rimadyl for a couple of years.  I worry about her liver.  Because I have an ''herbal friendly" vet, he recommended Milk Thistle as a daily protection for her liver. When I saw the article in "High Times," I took it to him and he said he thought it was worth a try.  So--she gets half a dropper of tincture per day.  She's not exactly a puppy again....but, she's every bit as energetic as she was on the Carprofen and I don't worry about her liver!  THANKS!"    PTW

  • "Our  13 year old golden retriever , Lucy, was confined to her bed... she could no longer get herself up and out. We tried many of our vet’s  suggestions, but to no avail.  As a “last ditch effort” before final decisions were made, we started offering her RxCBD’s Treats.  After a week, Lucy took a walk to the park!  We are overjoyed that she can now enjoy her elder years."

  • Wally, a German Shepard, was born in a Texas shelter.   Wally had severe hip dysplasia.  Physically, he was very compromised.  His foster mom started him on RxCBD Treats.  Soon after, we got a video of Wally running and frolicking.  He was 6 months old.  It was the first time he had been able to run in his life. 

  • "​I give these to Xiva for her storm anxiety and it does help.  I have tried doggie xanax, rescue remedy and thunder shirt.  This has been the best result in my opinion."  N.M.

  • "Casey, our 11 year old golden retriever, got the spring back in her step.  Wonderful!  Thank you."  C.L.


"Chance is 13. The treats have given Chance a new lease on life.  He could no longer get around well enough to do his favorite activities- like boating.  Now he is livin’ the life again... thanks for giving us our dog back."       MA