• Our shop cat, Rowdy, was terrified of the door due to a past accident.  After 1/3 of a jar of Hemp for Cats treats, he has recovered from his door anxiety.   He happily walks outside and rolls on the sidewalk - which thrills us. C.B

  • My cat is 15 years old, has only 3 legs and is quite often crabby, crying in the middle of the night.  One kitty cookie a day has made my cat much more mellow and allows us to sleep the night.  5 star!  L.B.

  • My cat is an uptight girl- hissing at strangers and sometimes me.   A CBD treat was like a "chill pill" for her.  Both of us are happier.   B.O.

  • Unbelievable.  Joey suffers with sores in his mouth (stomatitis).  It is very painful.  "Conventional" treatments are  limited and have not been successful for him.  The "natural" remedies were not working either.   CBD extract was THE answer!  He is out of pain and finally healing!  K.O.

  • My cat gets spring allergies (like I do) and pulls out his hair. I tried this on him and I was amazed that not only did it help alot, the smell didn't bother him at all.  Usually when I try to put something on him, he get all agitated. With this spray, he didn't even pay any attention.  Awesome!  L.M.


Ozzy is a 10 lb. 2.5-year-old Male Maine Coon mix who had developed nasty pruritus and hair loss. The itching was so bad he created open wounds. On 8/9/2016 he received a long acting steroid shot and his symptoms abated. However, by 9/14/2016 the hair loss and itching had returned and he received a second steroid injection which again relieved the symptoms. However, we were warned that steroids are not a long-term solution and we had to seek the cause. Finding the cause seemed impossible.

Thanks to a seminar hosted by The Impact Network in Denver Colorado, I learned it was safe to use CBD with cats. I’m was familiar with using cannabis with my senior dog. She has been a successful cannabis patient for hip inflammation for 4 years.  At this seminar, I learned of 2 more indications for CBD besides anti-inflammatory actions. They were anti-anxiety and pruritus (Itching).  Remembering the seminar, we started Ozzy with 2 treats daily in the morning. We started the RXCBD treats immediately after the second steroid shot. At about the 5-week mark, we did notice some mild symptoms of itching hair loss returning. At the seminar, we learned the therapeutic profile of CBD is EXTREMELY safe and it’s OK to slowly increase the dose.  So we slightly increased his dose and the itching was gone the next day. Ozzy’s current “therapeutic” dose is approximately 1.25 mg./day. We dose him via the tincture with 3 drops in AM and 4 in the PM mixed in his food, but he also loves the treats!

Ozzy is now symptom free as of 11/4/2016, that's 7 weeks itching free since last steroid shot! 

Thank you RXCBD!  K.A.

CBD Dog Treats RxCBD

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease



Happy Holidays Ladies!!!

I would like to thank you so much for what your product CBD has done for my Skippy. He hasn't had a seizure in over a month. Skippy is very happy, he plays, runs around. He was always cool and relax and even more so now. I would be honored to do a testmony after 3 months with no seizures if you would like.

May you and your family have a Blessed, Joyous Memorable Holiday.😻

L'lisa n Skippy

Joe having a cat nap.

Joe the man

"Health wise, Joe has had ups and downs the last 6 years. Ultimately, at age 13, we determined he was dealing with auto-immune issues.  His maladies were a moving target...digestive problems, itchies, ear sores, general malaise... After trying a very limited diet and a multitude of homeopathic remedies (for years), we were still frustrated at his flare-ups.  But we finally found a constant in our "battle"- CBD extract.  No matter what his "issue" was at the moment, CBD gave him relief. -And almost instantly. 

But Joe was a hard patient... he seemed to sniff out anything added to his food. (probably from the years I was trying new "remedies" on him...trying to hide things in his food.)  But I found I could hide ONE DROP of extract in his food.  AND IT WORKED!- even though his suggested dose (per his weight) was 5 drops. "  K.O. 


Some of our wonderful feline friends.

testimonials - cats


Thank you for sending me the CBD oil for my cat Vodka, so efficiently.  As I mentioned on the phone, he's 17 years old.  

He's suffering from something unidentified as of yet, though many $$$$ later.  Could be pancreatitis with bladder infection, not eating, etc.  I thought the CBD oil could be helpful for appetite, inflammation and pain.  I contacted you when he stopped coming upstairs to sleep with me for the night.  That was heartbreaking and I knew he was serious.  He's my constant companion and best friend.  :)

He's been on the tincture for almost two weeks now. (with his other prescriptions)  The first day I gave it to him, he came upstairs like 4 times in one day.  He comes up now whenever he wants to just like before.  He rests comfortably.  His  eyes lose that dilated in pain look.    I don't know that it's helping his appetite, but he's not vomiting and it definitely helps the pain. I give a quarter dropper twice a day.  

I don't  know what I'd do without it now.  

I'm enclosing/attaching his photo.  This is me trying to work and him keeping me company.

Thank you so much…