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Have you tried our Swedish Ginger Cookies?

-or our new Canna-BItes?

We'd love to hear what you think about them!

​"I haven't  slept well in months! 

I slept the night through after 1/2 ginger cookie!"     A.H.

​"These cookies have changed my life.  They allowed me to get off all the medications I was on (and having awful side effects from)."  A.W.

Flavor suggestions

Do you have a flavor request or idea for our new canna-bites?

If so, let us know!  If we decide to try your idea,

we will sent you a free sample to taste-test!

Exclusive from our RxCBD Bakery!


Here's what some other people think-

swedish ginger cookies

for people

Shown:  6 pack, 10 pack, 24 pack boxes

one cookie:   $6. 

box of 6 cookies:  $35.
box of 10 cookies $55.

box of 24 cookies: $114.

​​A recipe passed down generations, perfected over time, has reached new possibilities...

This spice-filled cookie no longer simply conjures up memories of moms' kitchen...

it offers natural relief for many health issues.

Each cookie contains a generous 12 mg of CBD.  Sometimes less than a half cookie is enough to achieve your desired effect.

​​​​CBD EDIBLES & Cookies

for people

  • Swedish Ginger Cookies
  • Canna-BitesTM
  •       Herb & Cheese
  •       Cinnamon Graham- coming soon



Canna-bites - herb & cheese

for people

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Canna-bites - Cinnamon graham

for people

CBD Dog Treats RxCBD


A great comfort flavor- not too sweet, not too spicy.


Exclusive from our RxCBD Bakery.

Crunchy little bites packed with lots of healthy ingredients! 

Basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, marjoram and garlic add spice.

Flax seed, olive oil, coconut oil and amaranth flour add extra health benefits.

3.5 mg CBD each.



approx. 25 bites per package


cinnamon graham





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Dosage Guidelines